Morse Code ---



What is --- In Morse Code?

In Morse Code (---) translates to the letter O in text. If you type in the text to be encrypted in Morse Code, the Morse Code would be the same for the uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, the Morse Code would be the same for 'O' and 'o', (---).

Sound Of ---

The sound of a dash (-) is dah, so if we consider (---), the sound will be 3 long sound waves, that is dah-dah-dah. If you speak this code into the input, like dah-dah-dah, then the output will be shown as O.

How to blink --- In Morse Code?

You can even blink in Morse Code using your eyes. To do so, close your eyes and take a pause for 1 second and open them back again. To blink (---) in Morse code, repeat this blinking for 3 times to get the Morse Code for O (---).

How to say --- In Morse Code?

A dash (-) in morse code is pronounced as 'dah' and it takes around 3 times to be spoken as compared to the other symbol, that is 'dit' (.).

To speak (---) in Morse Code, you have to say a 'dah' for each dash, so the spoken form of (---) will be dah-dah-dah.

Which Number has --- In Morse Code

The digit 2 is represented as (..---) in Morse Code and the digit 8 is represented as (---..). These two are the only numbers that contain (---), that is 3 dashes. In 2, the (---) is placed after the (..) and in 8, it is placed before the (..).

--- In Punctuation

The colon (:) is represented in Morse Code as (---...), which includes (---). The three 'dah' that is, (---) is placed before the same number of dits (...). These both, when combined forms the Morse Code (---...) that would be translated as the (:) symbol.

Difference Between "-" and "_ "

Does not matter if you use the dash in (-) format or the (_), the results will be the same. For example, (.-) will translate into A and even (._) will also translate into the same.

Variations of Morse Code using ---

Consider the symbol (---). If you replace the first 'dah' with a 'dit', the symbol will become (.--) and would translate into W into text. If you replace the second 'dah' with a 'dit', the symbol will become (-.-), which is the letter K. This way, replacing one or more dashes with dots gives a different letter each time.

Difference Between "-" "--" "---" and "----" and "-----" in Morse Code?

In morse code, the number of dashes means different letters and numbers with each advancement. For example, (-) in Morse Code means T, (--) means M, (---) means O. Further, (----) means Å and (-----) means 0.