Morse Code to English



Morse code To English

The Morse Code to English translator helps translate encrypted data to be translated into US English so all users can easily read and understand despite linguistic barriers. US English is the most widely used language and is the most favorable to encode. The conversion is hassle-free and no advanced devices like a telegraph are required. You can translate Morse Code into letters or numbers in English and text into the international Morse Code format.

Only for English Users

Morse Code is written in various languages across the globe like Latin and Greek. For every language, the pattern of dots and dashes varies significantly. This tool is developed exclusively for Morse Code for data in English. This means using this tool, you can decode the data in English, while for the other languages, the result will not be decoded correctly and the outcome may be shown as #.


  • Uses the International Morse Code standard

    The Morse Code to English Tool uses the International Morse Code standard to decrypt the code into English. All the rules and regulations are followed while conversion which leaves no space for any mistakes.

  • letters A-Z, numbers, several other common symbols, and prosigns

    This translator contains all the letters in the English Alphabet, that is A to Z, special characters, prosigns, Q-codes, popular abbreviations, words, callsigns, popular phrases, and sentences. Thus, it helps decode most parts of the English vocabulary.

  • Challenge levels test and consolidate your knowledge.

    Using this tool, you can test your knowledge and challenge yourself at different levels. This way, you can enhance your Morse Code learning and become a pro in no time.

Better Configuration Options

  • Adjustable speed: from 5 to 45 WPM

    The speed can be customized and adjusted from 5 WPM to 45 WPM on the Morse Code to English tool. Beginners can begin using this tool from % WPm, that is the lowest speed setting, and move on to higher speed to increase efficiency. Apart from this, the users can always customize the speed settings to fit their grasping power.

  • Adjustable sound frequency: 400 to 1000 Hz.

    The Morse code can be listened to in audio format as well. The frequency of this audio can also be customized as per the user’s needs. The frequency range provided by the tool is 400 Hz to 1000 Hz and the sound can be played unlimited times.

  • Adjustable difficulty level for sending the Morse code.

    The difficulty level of encryption of data can be adjusted too. If you are encoding personal data and want it to be extra secure, you can opt for a higher difficulty level or adjust to your convenience and requirements.

  • Ability to reset mistakes and levels.

    This tool has the feature to reset mistakes made and the levels in conversion to start anew. If you think the conversion or challenge is not going as planned, then you can reset the settings and progress to start again.

  • Adjustable Farnsworth speed: from 5 to 45 WPM.

    The Farnsworth speed determines how long the spaces between letters are. You can adjust this setting to change the space between characters for better understanding and differentiation of codes and symbols in conversion.