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What Is Morse Code ?

Morse codes is the common language of radio communication. A digital code devised by an American physician Samuel Morse in 1838. It is used to send short, and often very, precise messages across distances. It has many uses and is highly important.

Digital Morse code was invented in 1837 by Samuel F.B. Morse, a radio code used on the shortwave bands. It is used to transmit and receive radio signals, using the dots and dashes in Morse letter notation to represent different tones and durations.

Morsecodes is made up of a sequence of dots and dashes. The letter “A” is represented as a single dot and the “T” as a single dash. This dot and dash are the signals that we use to communicate through morse alphabet.

A Morse Code message is sent by using a series of dots and dashes. For example, “I love You” in morse codes can be written as (.. ._.. _ _ _ …_ . _._ _ _ _ _ .._)

You can say dot as “dit” and dash as “dah”. A dit is a shorter signal and dah is a longer signal which can be understood by listening as well as reading.


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Telegraph and It's Usage

A telegraph is a signaling system for transmitting information from one place to the other. It is the earliest form of computer technology. Telegraphs are still used to communicate through the use of Morse codes.

It was invented in 1796 by Samuel F.B. Morse as a device that would transmit messages without using any wires. A telegraph was a device that allowed messages to be transmitted from one point to another almost instantly using electric signals.

Uses of Morse Code

It has been used in many cases for over 60 years, in various scenarios. It helps send written messages that cannot be read by any third party. That is, the text is encoded in the form of morse alphabet, and can be decoded only by the sender and designed receiver. It is used to relay confidential information that is sensitive to be shared with everyone. It can also be used to Encrypt passwords to keep your confidentiality.

Apart from these, Morse Code is used for a variety of functions and purposes, and in different industries. Some of which are-

  1. Aviation

    In the aviation industry, pilots apply radio navigation aids. To ensure that the stations that the pilots are using are reachable and serviceable, the stations transmit a set of two-to-five-letter versions of the station name in the form of Morse alphabet. These encoded Station identification letters are shown on air navigation charts. In aviation service, Morse text is generally sent at a very low speed of around 5 words per minute. In some cases, the dot/dash sequence is written next to the transmitter's symbol on the aeronautical charts.

  2. Radio

    Morse Codes is highly used in Amateur Radio in the mode of Continuous Wave or CW. Morse Alphabets are made by using a dot or dit (short sound) and a dash or dah (a long sound). The transmissions use an on-off keyed radio signal, as it requires a piece of less complex transmission equipment than other forms of radio communication. MorseCodes also requires less signal bandwidth as compared to voice communication, generally 100-150 Hz, compared to the 2,400 Hz used by a single-sideband voice, however at a slower data rate.

  3. Government Bodies

    Government bodies like the Army or Navy. They are taught to read, write and translate Morse codes. It is used mostly used by government when it needs to relay and receive confidential information.

  4. Assistive Technology

    Morse-Code has been used as assistive technology, helping people with various disabilities to communicate. For example, Android version 5.0 and later allow users to input text using Morse-Code as an alternative to the keypad or handwriting recognition.

How do you use Morse Code Translator?

It is written using a sequence of dots (・) and dashes (➖), sequenced differently to form letters, numbers or special characters. The morse signal for each character differs from 2 to 5 characters comprising of variable dots and dashes.

Morse alphabet can be used in the form of signals, or in the written format.

How to type space in MorseCodes

In Morse Codes, there are small gaps between letters, to separate the dots and dashes, and large gaps between words, making the gap between them visible. When writing the Morse Alphabet, the letters are separated by tiny blank spaces, whereas, the words are separated by a slash, which makes the separation clearer. For example, ‘an apple’ would be written in morse-code, including the space as ‘•➖ ➖• / •➖ •➖➖• •➖➖• •➖•• •’ The small spaces denote that a letter is written and a slash (/) denotes that words are written with space between them.

Features of our MorseCodes Generator

This generator is a simple and easy way to decode code from Dots & Dashes. The student first learns the morse-code chart and then proceeds to encode and decode messages.

We have expanded our generator to include a text-to-voice module. This allows students to read a message in Morse alphabets and then listen to the message in the form of signals.

The Morse code generator can be used to teach kids and adults about the secure communication techniques. This generator also helps in decoding the morse alphabets.

Text to Morse Code

The Text to Morse Codes is a feature of our MorseCodes tools to translates a given text into morse alphabet. It translates any data-numeric, alphanumeric, or alphabetical into dots and dashes.

Once the data is converted into dots and dashes, you can write it down in the dit and dah format, or listen to it in the signal format. You can also download the signals in audio format. This tool helps you encode any data into morse signal format.

Morse Code to Text

This generator decodes any Morse Signal into their text format. This means that if you have received a secret text encoded in Morse format, you can paste the text into this tool and you would get the decrypted format, easy to understand.

When you type in the encoded text, you can also listen to it in the radio format and save it in the same to your device.

How to use this Morse code generator

To use this generator, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. On your preferred device, make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  2. Once you are connected to the internet, open any browser.
  3. On the browser, visit
  4. The morse-codes generator opens where you can encrypt or decrypt text into morse characters and vice versa.
  5. Paste or write the data you want to translate into input box.
  6. The data gets translated almost instantaneously.
  7. Save or write the data down as per your convenience.

Morse code numbers

Morse Code Translator is a method of transmission messaging that encodes your confidential message using a standard form of short or long pulses or dots and dashes. All the alphabets, numeric digits, and characters can be written into morse alphabet, all using dots and dashes. Each character has a unique morse symbols assigned which remains the same.

For instance, The Morse Alphabet for 1 is ‘•➖➖➖➖’ and would remain the same under any circumstances.

Why is Morse code still in use?

It is still used for a variety of reasons like-

  • For disabled people

    Morse-codes is an alternative mode of communication for differently-abled people like stroke, heart attack, or paralyzed patients.

  • In Government Bodies

    In many places, the government still uses the Morse-codes for many purposes, one of which is the use of Signal Lamps in Coast guarding.

  • In ham radio operations
    In radio operations, Morse Code Translator is used to relay messages in the form of radio signals. In this method, there is a better 'Read Value' to the message, and better message security is provided.

Analog and Digital methods

These methods are two very different ways of communicating. Using analog methods the signal is sent by sending vibrations along a line or a wire. The vibrations are sent from the transmitter to the receiver using sound waves. Using digital methods, the signal is sent by sending a signal on a wire to the receiver.

Digital methods use a series of short and long pulses of information sent on a wire to the receiver. Modern-day digital methods use light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These are the same LEDs found in cell phones and computers.

International Morse Codes

The International Morse-Code Translator is an international system of naval and coast guard signaling used to communicate with each other. It was developed in 1835 by the British and the United States. It is used by all countries that have coast guards and navies. It is also used by some countries that do not have these two things but have a coastline.

The International Morsecodes consists of the basic 26 Latin alphabets, Arabic Numerals, and a small set of prosigns. There are a total of 26 letters, which are broken down into three groups: the international signaling alphabet, the international signaling numbers, and punctuation marks.

How can beginners learn Morse code?

Beginners can easily learn Morse Signals through-

  • Translators

    Using Translators, you can translate every letter, word, or character into Morse alphabets, so you know what each of them looks like in Morse Language.

  • Using Software

    The software trains you and allows you to practice using them. If you are a beginner, you can cover all the basics of Morse Code using software.

  • By Books

    If you are hesitant in learning from software and prefer the traditional method of learning, learning through books would be a great option.

  • Children's Books

    Children's books consist of basic and primitive words, beginners can try encoding these basic-level words into morse symbols and clear their concepts to be well involved in Morse Language.

  • Online tutorials

    Online tutorials are available for almost every activity. Video tutorials help beginners like a teacher and help in progressing greatly.

Is Morse code difficult to learn?

Morse code is not at all difficult to learn. Though it might be confusing when you start learning, with proper learning and practice, they can be mastered. It can help transfer secret messages, and hence are worth learning so you can send and receive sensitive information without risking the information getting into the hands of a third party.

Is learning Morse code worth it?

It is highly helpful in general, it helps develop memorization power, which would help you in a hundred ways. However, it might not help benefit your career. It is an easy skill to pick up and can be memorized using a Morse Chart.

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